Poonpon Rice Mill is located 420 kilometers from Bangkok, and situated on 80,000 square meters in Surin Province.


Rice Mill Factory has a total area of  128,000 square meters. (80 Rai)

Four Warehouses


Poonpon's Rice Laboratory

To satisfy the varied demands of our customers and provide the best quality, we have installed some of the most advanced machines to enhance the product quality


Sample Mill
Grinding rice to flour for Amylose content.
  Electronic Balance Readable 0.01 g
Able to weigh heavy samples ranging from 0.10g to 3100.00 g.


Hot Plate Stirrer
Boil water to prepare for chemical testing’s and to heat samples.
  Alkali Test
Measure pureness of Thai Jasmine Rice.


Texture Analyzer
Measures tenderness to determine the difference of rice throughout the year.  Old and new crops have different texture and softness.
  Multi Stirrer
Mold rice flour to become solvent in order to find out Amylose percentage.



Grain Separator
Separate broken grains that are smaller than 5.2 mm.
  Moisture Analyzer
Measure moisture level of rice



Electronic Balance Readable 0.0001
Able to weigh light samples ranging from 0.0100g to 210.0000 g.
  Whiteness Indicator
Measure whiteness of the rice.


Measure the size of the rice grains to identify head rice and broken grain.
  Servo Motor
Enables us to pack each and every bag to the specified amount. The rice opening will automatically prepare the next bag to the determined weight. 100% Equal Weight Guarantee!!!


J-System Fumigation
Blows airborne pesticides down passing the top layers of rice until the silo has been completely treated.    This helps protect the rice from unwanted weevils and other insects.
  Color Sorter Machine
Sorts out grains that are substandard size and color, and it also sorts foreign objects such as glass, gravel, plastic, and other unnecessary particles.