Thai Fragrant Rice (Thai Hom Mali Rice, Thai Jasmine Rice)

Poonpon uses the best quality Thai Jasmine Rice Paddy known as “Khao Dok Mali 105 , and R.D. 15.”  This becomes Thai Hom Mali (Jasmine) rice in Thailand.  Hom Mali rice is regarded as the highest quality rice produced in Thailand. Our Hom Mali is known for its great taste and fragrance. The grain is smooth, shiny, and silky in appearance. When Hom Mali is cooked it produces a fragrant aroma with a slightly and chewy texture.


Thai Jasmine Brown Rice (Thai Jasmine Cargo Rice)

Our Thai Jasmine Brown Rice, also known as Cargo Rice, is an unpolished rice in a light tan color. Preserving the bran layer gives this unique rice a distinctive and very pleasant taste. It also provides high nutritional value, helps lower cholesterol, rich in natural vitamins, fiber, and easy to digest.  Thai Jasmine Brown Rice is perfect as a healthy alternative to other grains and starches.


Thai Red Cargo Jasmine Rice

Thai Red Cargo Jasmine Rice is an unpolished long grain rice. It’s natural red bran layer is highly nutritious, rich in fiber and has vitamin B. It has a highly pleasurable and nutty taste after cooking.



Thai Black Cargo Jasmine Rice

Thai Black Cargo Jasmine Rice is either medium or long.  It's naturally a black bran layer being highly nutritious, rich in fiber and filled with vitamin B.  It has a highly pleasurable nutty taste after cooking.  Once cooked, the rice becomes dark purple with a nutty flavor along with a whole grain texture.


Thai White Glutinous Rice

Thai Glutinous or Sweet Rice has a medium to long-grain shape with a slight aroma. It is usually steamed over boiling water and becomes white and sticky when cooked.  It is perfect for main dishes as well as desserts.



Thai Black Glutinous Rice

Thai Black Glutinous Rice has a rich, nutty flavor that is distinctly different from the more subtle taste of glutinous rice. It is generally sweetened with coconut milk and sugar and consumed as a snack or dessert.



Thai White Rice

Thai White Rice is one of the most popular rice strains in Thailand due to its big, fluffy, long grain, and firm texture. This type of rice can also be incorporated into many international dishes.



Thai Parboiled Rice

Thai Parboiled Rice uses the best quality Thai White Rice Paddy as raw material. It is combined with a steaming process to allow grains to absorb all the nutrients from their own bran before drying, milling, and polishing. This process guarantees a finished product of golden color, translucent, and shiny. When cooked, the individual grains are separated from each other, making this rice fluffy with a unique pleasant taste.


Thai Jasmine Broken Rice

Quality Thai Jasmine Broken Rice. Poonpon’s sophisticated technology allows us to hygienically mill Thai Jasmine Rice to become clean, pure and white, making it excellent for household cooking as well as for industrial purposes.