Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Commitment "to Being a Deeply Responsible Company Contributing positively to our communities and environment" is important to Poonpon.  We work together on a daily basis with partners (employees), suppliers, farmers and others to help create a more sustainable approach to high-quality rice production.  Along with that we help build stronger local communities,  minimize our environmental footprint, create a great working environment,  promote diversity and  be responsive to our customers’ health and wellness needs.







Meet the Farmers

Meet some of our very best friendsThese dedicated farmers are motivated to grow and harvest the finest rice in the world.See how Poonpon is working to balance business needs with social and environmental responsibilities in our rice -producing communities.

(Interview The Best Farmer in Thailand  who received the award from ” Agriculturist Institute and National cooperative” Mr.Pang Puangratch 51 yrs., the farmer in Surin Province )